About novel


The novel starts with the author’s early but dynamic life just as another Indian teenager. The same fancies for luxury stuffs and peer pressure exists in his life.

Unable to cope up with his peers (with regard to materialism) his attitude towards life changes. He used to be a fun-loving,cheerful personality but after certain though small, but life changing incidents force him to leave everything and just work towards his goal. A goal which was unknown to himself but something which would lead him across. A goal which would force the people to take his name with respect. A goal which would count him as one of the eligible personalities & a goal which would be a revenge in itself. (As they say “the best revenge is massive success”)
700 crore people on earth, each not only with different faces and brains but also with different experiences. These experiences shape up the attitude of the person and establishes what the person is.
After he grew up exiting the teenage life, he joined a college in a different city, but nothing was much different there too. He resorted to several entrepreneurial ventures in college, failed, but did not quit. The dilemma between higher studies and Entrepreneurship also existed. His dad had offered him an iphone to cope up with his peers but he did not take it(unlike most). His idea was different. He resorted to an entrepreneurial venture taking the seed capital from his dad and consequently turned it successful. Of course his venture was innovative and much appreciated. The problems he encountered while taking the venture uphill, and the way he solved it by the help of his early philosophical knowledge. His attitude towards quotations and motivational stories was so high that he actually took decisions based on them. A clear connection between his decisions and inspiring quotations was evident.
His entrepreneurial mind is highlighted where he tries anything and everything he came across. He never dreamt of being someone or something, his only aim was to do something!
After consistent efforts and hard work he reached the height he seems to stand on the cover page of the book.

To Pre order this novel you can email your name, mobile no. and email id to theyoungestbillionaire@outlook.com.

We shall inform you about the launch!

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